Thursday, May 22, 2014

Turning 31

Except for the number, there appears to be nothing prime about the milestone. Over the course of the earth's last two trips around the sun, i have felt older than my years but unfortunately, none the wiser. I can't say i have fully made my peace with aging yet, but i can finally admit to at least recognizing the need for the acceptance.

My slow crawl towards maturity is aided in no way whatsoever by various kids calling me "uncle" or junior colleagues attaching a "sir" to my name (and much to my annoyance). Both 'titles' imply responsibility and respect that i am constantly reminded of never having earned or deserved.

One learns as one grows. Now most of my growth has been physical and a tad too circumferential for my liking. But despite no significant increase in conventional wisdom, i must concede that growing older has yielded numerous learning points. Among the many, many other things, i have learned that:
  • - when i put my mind and body to task, i can run/jog for longer than 45 seconds at once while successfully avoiding a cardiac incident.
  • - most things are not impossible. Closest to impossible is mustering the effort.
  • - paying attention continuously is an arduous task. But the payoff, though sometimes delayed more than an Indian Income Tax refund, is sweet.
  • - i don't listen enough anymore. That needs changing.
  • - life hacks are tough but cool. Until i find a way to make many of them permanent, in which case, they won't need to be hacks any more.
  • - every moment spent in regret is another wasted for future regret.
Sometimes, i think it's not all too bleak. I catch myself staring at hope as it lies there on the floor. It's then up to me to take the pains of bending over and risking a broken back in an attempt to pick it up.

Choices. Sigh.


Pooja B said...

But like you say... "There is always scope for improvement"... so there is light... ! :)

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