Friday, October 16, 2009

Style Rant

Let me tell you this. This past week has been oddly cold and rainy for October. Promptly, jackets were off their hangers, sweaters were unfolded from their half-yearly hibernation. For it was cold this week. Cold enough for me to pose around in my myriad jackets and sweaters like a er.. poser. Tuesday was especially fun in the pose-y sort of way when the sun threatened to peek through the clouds. Two rays which managed to get past the cloud barrier gave me enough reason to pounce on my sunglasses. So finally, the morning found me driving to work wearing jacket AND sunglasses and the quintessential accessory to go with that combination -- the scowl.

You know the scowl. No? It's that stone-stiff expression that is set on a guy's face the moment the frames of his sunglasses come into contact with his face. Picture this - Before sunglasses: goofy, crooked smirk ; After sunglasses: starched, straight face with zero expression. Yes, that's it. Do not try denying it. Every guy has worn that scowl everytime he has worn sunglasses. It makes you feel like that unshaven, mean-looking hunk with sunglasses in the stylish ads in a Cosmopolitan. Made me too. Only i had shaved just that morning (even cut myself just below the jaw), flicked an ant softly from my jacket without killing it and try as i might, i would have struggled to make it to an ad for Babubhai Suitings & Shirtings in the latest issue of Borivali Today. Much like most other guys.

My point here (you didn't think there actually was some point behind this rambling now, did you?) being - style is blinding. Primarily, your style blinds you. e.g. the dark sunglasses dim reality around you and you slowly turn oblivious to the noise that is the rest of the world, especially the cacophony that is the pointed laughter of your colleagues. In some cases, your style can even blind others. Ask Bappi Lahiri. Or eternal friend of the Little Master and wannabe politician, Vinod Kam-bling who is rumoured to have blinded two people attending his rally during his campaign for the recently concluded Assembly elections by simply flashing his gold chain(s?) and earring(s?).

So men, here's some advice for you. Leave the jacket-flashing and sunglasses-brandishing to me. Don't let me catch you walking around with your shirt-collars turned up. Lets not try getting that oily long-ish hair from your face with a flick of the head. And by any means, do not, and i repeat DO NOT get me started on the pout.

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