Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Tragedy strikes!

Let me get to the point and break this news (i will not hold myself responsible if Aaj Tak beams it all day tomorrow). The sad piece of news goes thus: This blog will not shut down after all - at least, not in the present or near future.

There, i've said it. Hopefully, you've taken this news well and the melodrama has now subsided. I shall now needlessly burden you with proceed to provide a detailed explanation on the hows and whys of the blog-shutdown fiasco that has ensued in the past few months.

All was well on this page when the realization of lack of lingual skills to write writer's block hit. Need for abandoning this space was identified. Then came a brainwave of starting afresh. This ruse involved leaving the nice folks at Blogger in the lurch and defecting to the seemingly-greener pastures of Wordpress. Thus arose the clandestine Operation Defection (please attribute poor unimaginative nomenclature to crippling writer's-block-itis) and with it what i thought was my next haven - a new blog. Eventually, laziness reigned supreme and i only got this far with the new project. After some considerable thought, favouring laziness over tedious blog-decorating activity, i decided to sit back at Blogger and come up with a new makeover for the old blog instead. After some more thought (because thinking is easier than performing blog-decorating activity), laziness won another battle and this idea was abandoned as easily as babies are abandoned at the beginning of Manmohan Desai movies.

So hear i am. Still on Blogger. Still not blogging. Still eyeing that page-hit counter regularly (The only other counter that ticks slower than the page-hit counter on this blog is the one that counts Rahul Dravid's runs these days). I do plan to blog though (note emphasis on 'plan'). Just that it's been a weird year - so much to do, nothing to do.

Bleh! Excuses!


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The Neverknown said...

but what are we all cheering?

Shachi said...

there is a god after all!!!

The Neverknown said...

@shachi: can you introduce me to him please? or ask him what himessss did to him to get where he is now.

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