Friday, August 01, 2008

Fighting the Evil

This is a first. It's Friday afternoon and i'm in the office... blogging. Knowing my luck, the next visitor to this blog, which boasts of as many daily visitors as the number of honest politicians in India, will be my manager. Anyway, i will still thrill myself with the fact that this is a first.
However, this is also one of the last. Posts on this blog, that is. I can officially confirm that this blog is soon to reach the annals of extinction. I know this must come as some level of deep emotional discomfort to ALL my readers - yes, all three of you (or perhaps, it's two - maybe i'm the third - d'oh!).

I shall take the liberty of assuming that you care a damn and want to know why i am shutting the blog down. I shall also take the liberty of sidestepping that question since i do not have the right answer for you now. It is difficult for me to explain. It's not like i haven't tried to. Many a time have i logged on to Blogger in the hope to write down a goodbye post with the right answer to why i am leaving. But it is always circumstances that keep me from successfully doing so. First, the internet beckons and tempts me into straying away into that glorious world that contains among other things, online stick cricket and database upon database of Jessica Alba pictures (i prefer the ones pre-pregnancy). If i somehow survive the temptations, i am left to battle with the shrewd, sadistic laptop of mine. It co-conspires with the www to keep me away from posting. It waits to check if i have reached the New Posts page on Blogger. If i haven't strayed to a gripping Bhojpuri music video on youtube or turned my attention to a friend on gtalk already, it's time for the vile www to prove itself worthy.

First it springs on me a bunch of popups (three, minimum) of which at least one will involve enlargement of a random part of the human anatomy. Since I cannot get any larger than what I am without resembling a zorb and since the other popups mock my financial status by offering me loans and mortgages, i manage to reach the X on the right-top of the popup windows with some deft maneouvering of the mouse. Then comes the Brahmastra, the popup with a Jessica Alba pic with thumbnails of assorted pretty faces thrown in for good measure. Sheesh!

It's not like i have never survived the popup attack. The worst is what follows this little victory. That's when the laptop deduces that its colleague, the internet, has failed and it (the laptop) is now the last line of defence standing between me and that brand new blogpost. To emphasize its sadism, the laptop waits till i am about to save a draft of the post and with a battlecry of the Windows error-alert sound, suddenly reboots itself. And as i fume and curse it with references to some family members, it smirks silently, all the while rebooting diligently.

And thus, the battle ensues everyday. Endlessly. So if you are reading this post, turns out i just won a battle.

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