Wednesday, April 23, 2008

cranial chaos

what do i want?
what do YOU want?
who knows the answers?

Sunday, April 13, 2008


I'm suffering from acute blogger's block. I really am. Million and one thoughts in the head - none that i'm able to transfer here. So it's either blogger's block or dyslexia. Former makes me feel like i can actually write - so blogger's block it is.

Work's caught up with me so that keeps the weekdays rolling by. Weekends have been decent although a tad too fast for me. A couple weekends ago was that wonderous road trip to Atlanta followed by an even-better trip to NY/NJ on the next especially since that meant catching up with Jojo after ages ('core junta' is after all, 'core junta'). This weekend was comparably relaxed. Saw "U Me aur Hum" this Sat. Must admit actors taking to direction have produced decent Bolly flicks. In fact, in parts U Me aur Hum impressed me more than the popular Taare Zameen Par. Unfortunately what could have been an entirely intense, mature take on Alzheimer's was offset by some mind-numbing attempt at humour and some supporting actors with acting capabilities comparable to those of a wet napkin.

While on Bollywood, must comment on Tashan which seems to be hotter than a tropical summer right now. From the few trailers that i've seen, it appears Yash Raj has been stung by the recession bug. They definitely seem to have spent all their available finances on recruiting the big starcast. That seems to have resulted in severe cost-cuttings on Kareena's attire (i've seen more clothes on the impoverished and homeless on Mumbai streets) and major savings on getting a strictly ordinary lyricist (if you've heard 'Dil Dance Maare' you'll know what i'm talking about).

I've been hooked on to the tv show 'Dexter' (NOT that cartoon) the last couple of weeks. Wiped off both seasons of the show; eagerly waiting for the next season to kick off. Cannot recall the last time i was addicted to a tv show.

Got a haircut today. *observes moment of silence for the dearly departed*. Before the haircut, I was an ugly fat guy with shabby long hair. Now, I'm just an ugly fat guy with ugly short hair. D-oh!! Anyhow, i'm still obsessed and vain about my hair... my precious...

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Two years to the Day

TheNeverknown: Two years. Can you believe it?
Alter-ego aka me: You sound shocked.
TheNeverknown: I've had my doubts but you've stood by me through these two years.
Alter-ego aka me: As have you. Happy Birthday.
<handshake. firm grip.>


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