Friday, February 01, 2008

This is UNFAIR!!!

First this and now THIS????
I bit the bullet and absorbed the pain of missing the former but the latter better not be true... grrr
And if this happens, I'm going to contemplate quitting my job and flying back.


JAY said...

dude...wats this blog all about???

The Neverknown said...

the whole blog or just this post?
if it's just this post, follow the links in it. they'll serve as clues.
if u're talking about the whole blog, then ur question is mensa-level. in which case i suggest you keep reading till you have an answer you can share with me

Jay said...

no i mean this post only....dude im bad in understanding clues..neways will keep trying

The Neverknown said...

arre itna nahi sochneka. i was just pissed that i was missing out on good concerts back in india. thats all there is in that post.

mairaj said...

Mensa level...HEHE

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