Saturday, January 05, 2008

Hello 2008

2008 is here. And so am i. Let me hit the year off with weird talk like the last time.
I hadn't always been a planner. Plans started materializing only during the college years as part of recovery and rediscovery of the self. Got myself into the habit of devising two plans for every major course of action.
Plan A was always the ideal. Plan B was always the fallback. (d-uh! no innovative nomenclature there). But i tried to make Plan B as less a compromise as i could make it seem to myself. Plan B had to be such that the pain of losing out on Plan A would be alleviated to some extent. Plan B had to be such that its benefits had to be comparable if not as good as those of Plan A.
In these last 3 years or so, i managed to get a few Plan As right. But i think Plan B plays too far an important role in my life. Maybe it's time to lose the safety net of Plan B and take a plunge with just the wings of Plan A to help me fly.
Maybe that could be my New Year resolution.
Happy New Year


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