Saturday, January 12, 2008

Friday night

It's been one wild week with the measure of instability in my life almost comparable to that of the Pakistani political scene in the last few years. Started off on a note so off-key i thought the fat lady had started singing and it would soon be all over for me. It's taken me some days to get back on the road and i'm not too sure if i'm still going the right way, but hey, what the heck. So here i roll away like a loose stone again (fat old rock would be more like it). I wonder if i'll be gathering any moss this time around though.
I've been reading blogs through the week (mostly humor to raise my spirits) and for some reason, most of the best humor bloggers are funky-bschool alumni or academic virtuosos in other disciplines. Sigh! I guess this page is never going to turn out to be an interesting read. Anyways, this blog needs a refined makeover (something like what Amrita Rao seems to have got...yowza!!) and it needs one fast. Whether or not i'm going to do something about it.... well, i'm going to let that be a suspense. (suspense music starts... shadow streaks by... door creaks... and even the last reader creeps out of here. d-oh!!)
Anyway, for a change, Friday was a busy day at the office. It's owlishly late now and i'm watching DDLJ for the (n^n)th time. About DDLJ... the last few times i've seen it, i've come to realize accept that there are so many things about the movie which would have made me despise it had been out now instead of 12 yrs ago. The story's corny, SRK is at his hammiest, Mandira Bedi appears fully-clothed minus the noodle-strap wardrobe and the story's corny (so damn corny i had to mention that again for emphasis). But it has some odd charm about it that still keeps me awake through it even at the ungodly hour of 2am.
Need to wake up early to report at the DMV for the driving test. Need to pass. Badly. Can't afford to do badly on any more tests this week.
On an absurd note, i've been thinking a lot about these select few people recently. On an even more absurd note, i feel the urge to divulge the unimportant information that only one of those select few people has called me this week.
I need to sleep. I'd buy some if i'd some money and if someone sold it. Maybe not. Maybe i'd just rent it.


mairaj said...

new amrita rao - Droooooooool! aghghaghgg

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