Monday, November 26, 2007

Yankee doodle went to town..

So here i am... the land of 'dreams'. the land of 'greens'
Visited the Big Apple over the weekend. It's a slightly glorified version of Mumbai really. Except for the biting cold. wondered at first how a city thats next to the ocean can get so chilly but then geography was never my area of excellence so i let that thought just pass me by. Totally different from Richmond though. NYC is more the busy, unkempt city with flocks of people scurrying together on the roads and cars honking. Richmond is the absolute opposite. Calm, serene, you get to see not more than 10 people out on the road and all-in-all a clean city (something that i'm not used to having lived in mumbai and pune).
Stayed in new jersey and made the trips to nyc. Suburb of nj where i was put up seemed to house more indians than americans. there was an india street with indian restaurants, bollywood posters (and rajnikant posters too, mind it!) and not to forget the very-indian paanwala outside a couple of the restaurants.
Washington dc was blessed (burdened?) with my presence on sunday. How such a beautiful city can house so many politicians is something that i'll probably never fathom.
Back in Richmond for my first Monday at work. Was introduced to the too-damn-awesome-for-words game of racquetball in the evening. Realized today i cannot run around a racquetball court for more than 10 minutes at a stretch. Note to self: expansion plans are best left to businesses.
Need to sleep. Jetlag was bad last week. Gone now. Now if only i could know why i still can't get hold of some sleep...


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