Sunday, November 25, 2007

WOW week!

In a big hurry... not much time to blog
the last week - in summary:
monday - busy running around with last-minute packing.
tuesday - 27 hrs in 3 different airplanes not inclusive of 6-hr wait at chicago's flarge airport.
wednesday - first day at new workplace in new country on new continent. awed by huge HUGE campus. late-night departure for weekend vacation. virtually killed by jetlag.
thursday - drive to new jersey. trains to new york. central park. times square. indian food. almost-lethal jetlag.
friday - long lines of vacationers with cameras. empire state building. wtc ground zero. temperature 3deg celsius. wall street. madame tussaud's. more indian food.
saturday - more long lines. statue of liberty. brooklyn bridge. temperature 2deg celsius. another indian dinner. LONG sleep.
sunday - early wake-up. blog. proposed: drive to dc and then home-sweet-home.

more details later. definitely.


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