Tuesday, November 27, 2007

That Song

That song is everywhere
It's playing in the car.
It's playing in my head.
All the time. ALL the time. I'm not complaining.
When the dust settles and i'm no longer in this place, i'm gonna look back at this time and remember this song. How it's always the first track that's played when the cd is inserted despite the track being no.4 on the disc. How every time it plays, all the out-of-tune vocal chords in the car try to match the playback.
I was asked to think of someone everytime i heard this song. I hear the song; i recall the face, the smile, the good times.
That song is playing in my earphones right now.
That song will play in the car tomorrow morning.
That song will play in the car tomorrow evening.
That song will play in my head reminding me of the good times of now and what already seems like long, long ago.
That song is everywhere.


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