Tuesday, November 27, 2007

That Song

That song is everywhere
It's playing in the car.
It's playing in my head.
All the time. ALL the time. I'm not complaining.
When the dust settles and i'm no longer in this place, i'm gonna look back at this time and remember this song. How it's always the first track that's played when the cd is inserted despite the track being no.4 on the disc. How every time it plays, all the out-of-tune vocal chords in the car try to match the playback.
I was asked to think of someone everytime i heard this song. I hear the song; i recall the face, the smile, the good times.
That song is playing in my earphones right now.
That song will play in the car tomorrow morning.
That song will play in the car tomorrow evening.
That song will play in my head reminding me of the good times of now and what already seems like long, long ago.
That song is everywhere.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Yankee doodle went to town..

So here i am... the land of 'dreams'. the land of 'greens'
Visited the Big Apple over the weekend. It's a slightly glorified version of Mumbai really. Except for the biting cold. wondered at first how a city thats next to the ocean can get so chilly but then geography was never my area of excellence so i let that thought just pass me by. Totally different from Richmond though. NYC is more the busy, unkempt city with flocks of people scurrying together on the roads and cars honking. Richmond is the absolute opposite. Calm, serene, you get to see not more than 10 people out on the road and all-in-all a clean city (something that i'm not used to having lived in mumbai and pune).
Stayed in new jersey and made the trips to nyc. Suburb of nj where i was put up seemed to house more indians than americans. there was an india street with indian restaurants, bollywood posters (and rajnikant posters too, mind it!) and not to forget the very-indian paanwala outside a couple of the restaurants.
Washington dc was blessed (burdened?) with my presence on sunday. How such a beautiful city can house so many politicians is something that i'll probably never fathom.
Back in Richmond for my first Monday at work. Was introduced to the too-damn-awesome-for-words game of racquetball in the evening. Realized today i cannot run around a racquetball court for more than 10 minutes at a stretch. Note to self: expansion plans are best left to businesses.
Need to sleep. Jetlag was bad last week. Gone now. Now if only i could know why i still can't get hold of some sleep...

Sunday, November 25, 2007

WOW week!

In a big hurry... not much time to blog
the last week - in summary:
monday - busy running around with last-minute packing.
tuesday - 27 hrs in 3 different airplanes not inclusive of 6-hr wait at chicago's flarge airport.
wednesday - first day at new workplace in new country on new continent. awed by huge HUGE campus. late-night departure for weekend vacation. virtually killed by jetlag.
thursday - drive to new jersey. trains to new york. central park. times square. indian food. almost-lethal jetlag.
friday - long lines of vacationers with cameras. empire state building. wtc ground zero. temperature 3deg celsius. wall street. madame tussaud's. more indian food.
saturday - more long lines. statue of liberty. brooklyn bridge. temperature 2deg celsius. another indian dinner. LONG sleep.
sunday - early wake-up. blog. proposed: drive to dc and then home-sweet-home.

more details later. definitely.

Monday, November 19, 2007


.. going... GONE

Saturday, November 17, 2007

It's "that" time of the year again

Wanted: Miracles (even a singular XXL-sized miracle might do the job)

Friday, November 16, 2007

The Parting

This is where it all began and this is where it ends. I'm leaving Pune from the exact place
that i arrived at on 28 Aug 2005.
Two years and two months on a ride carefree and with few pitstops. It's all over now and it's no secret to me. I think i'm leaving behind the fastest two years of whatever life i have spent in consciousness. Pune's been kind to me - i've seen everything from the better and the best to the good, the bad and the downright fugly. Every experience a new lesson. Most lessons well learnt, some incessant finger-burners. But every other experience a memorable one.
And the people! If you're someone who i've known during my Pune years (which is how i shall refer to these last 2 years henceforth), know that you shall always be remembered (if your luck is right down in the pits, you might actually be one of those people that i will want to never break contacts with... beware).
Out of here... for now.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Happy Diwali

...no more
The festival's gone from being the Festival of Lights to the Festival of Sound and this year it just seems to have become the Festival of eardrum-bursting-sanity-depriving-woebegone-vile-Noise. Yeah... i know i've become the Grinch who wants to steal Diwali... or at least the Grinch who wants to steal those god-forsaken louder-than-gay-clothes firecrackers.
Two upcoming events. Focus needed. Help!

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Big Hits

Move over OSO and Sawariya. This month's biggest releases are not yours; rather, this month Bollywood will hit gold by intertwining two of the most recent money-churning formulae - sport-based movies and sequels. Eat dust. Grovel in their revelry. Rest in pieces.
Without much further ado, let me preview the 'actual' BIG releases this month -

Scary Yuvi
A sequel to the Wayans brothers' series of parodies, this spectacle, about a mace-wielding warrior who mocks and makes light of vicious pace attacks, stars a rich North Indian in the lead role as a brutal assassin with a good sense of timing. The movie is slated to be a typical Bollywood potboiler complete with romance (co-starring a wannabe-but-will-never-be actress who tries to mooch off our hero even after they break up), family drama (interwoven story of the lead character's father who is a washed-out warrior himself but slyly manages to gain publicity through soundbytes about his estranged son), action (beer-guzzling Britisher provokes lead character with unparliamentary language. Lead character unleashes hell on unsuspecting barely-adult blond kid) and special effects (unbelievable sights of simple flicks of the hand sending red bomb-like objects to far corners of the battlefield).Preview verdict: Hard-hitting script. Great expectations

The League of Extraordinary Businessmen - Part Thooo
This one's a sequel to a movie which Indians know of only because it starred Naseeruddin Shah (If you're Indian and you still don't know of any such movie, it's ok. You haven't really missed anything special at all). In fact the "Part Thooo" in the title refers not to this being the second part but to the spittle so generously contributed by the disgruntled public watching the first movie. The sequel is about two cash-rich groups in a war to become the greatest money-spinners in the game of cricket. The story begins with one of the groups raking in all the moolah in an undisputed monopoly. Seeing the business potential, another group headed by a tv honcho asks the politician-turned-cricket-administrator of the first group to share the proverbial pie with him. Once politician-turned-cricket-administrator shuns tv-honcho's money, the latter burns with fury and decides to set up his own rival business. He attracts to his league a southpaw and a gentle giant as his trump cards. In a move to hurt the rival league, he tries to ruffle them by setting off a defection spree of has-beens whose parts in the movies are best limited to those of character artists. As November comes upon us, the mystery will be thrown out into the open as to whether the new league will be able to stand on its own or not.Preview verdict: Big-budget, but casting looks dicey

The Devil Scares Dada
Set in the post-Dravidian era, this presentation stars a retired Colonel as the Devil whose short-term goal is to oversee and ensure the elimination of the Three Kings, three old, wise soldiers who have long been the source of all that is good. The movie begins after the Colonel has slayed one of the Kings (codename: Wall) and is now baying for the blood of the second (codename: Dada). It is only Dada who stands between the Colonel and the third King (codename:God). The Colonel plans to use the upcoming battle with the warring neighbours as the platform from which he can backstab Dada. In a particular skirmish, one of the Colonel's favoured soldiers (codename: Viru) calls Dada for a run which is probably inexistent. Will Dada fall prey to his weakness? Will the Colonel succeed in his scheming ways? Wait and watch.Preview verdict: Potboiler script. I'm sweating with nervousness out of anticipation already.

A month of BIG blockbusters. Who will take the cake? The much-overdone six-pack or the also-equally-overdone Indo-Pak?

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