Tuesday, September 04, 2007

How i bought my guitar

After a long (long, long) wait, i finally succeeded in buying a new guitar. Those two “long”s in parentheses emphasize the infinitely long, tense wait i had to undergo at the store on d-day. After two months of passing blames with my brother about who was responsible for the two-month delay in the original plan of buying the guitar, the last Saturday found me at Furtado’s with a single, clear objective – to walk out of the store with the guitar we had chosen on the earlier weekend. If it hadn’t been for the store running out of stock of the model-color combination i wanted, i would’ve been writing a blogpost shorter in size and dated seven days earlier than this one.

With a focused goal, i calmly asked for the black Kramer Focus i had been assured of the week before. But to my horror, the guy i had spoken to seven days earlier was out and the guy i was speaking to then was busy showing another customer the black Kramer Focus i had set my heart upon! As my darned luck would have it, it was the last black Kramer Focus in stock. To add to my anguish, i was told that the next one would be available after no less than a month. Thus began an hour-and-a-half- long ordeal which i was certainly not prepared for. When i asked (with a lot of hope in my heart) the other guy who was after ‘my’ black guitar whether he had any plans of buying the cherry-red model (the only other available piece in the Kramer Focus stock), he wince at me so pitifully that i knew i was in for a TOUGH time here.

So for the next hour, i saw ‘the other guy’ fiddle around with ‘my’ guitar. Quite ashamedly, i must admit i felt the kind of envy and hatred one must feel watching the love of one’s life in another’s arms. It didn’t help that he was a greenhorn which was evident in the way he handled the guitar and even more so when an hour later he mentioned to me, “I like this black one. It’s black, it’s sleek and it’s in my budget”. And then there was light! I needed the black Kramer Focus. He wanted a black guitar (any black guitar) in his budget. Along with my epiphany came another line from him, “I think I’m gonna go ahead with this black Kramer”. Time for me to swing into action after a depressing hour in wait. “Wait, my friend. If a black guitar is all you want, have you tried out this one ? You can save up on money and spend it on a better amp. Or even a processor.” What was shocking was that it took just this question from me to replace the triumphant look on his face with a ponderous one. And what was even more shocking was that i somehow managed to stifle the irresistible urge to shout “Halleluia!” as he let go of ‘my’ guitar and looked at some other black ones. A nail-biting half-hour of the most approving facial expressions i could summon to my face passed before i heard the magic words from him, “I think I’ll go with this one . You can go ahead with that Kramer”. I would have hugged him had i not already started packing away ‘my’ guitar to give him no chance of changing his mind. I made the cashier at Furtado’s participate in the fastest transaction ever made in the history of the purchase of musical instruments and stormed out with ‘my’ guitar. Nay, let me correct myself - …stormed out with MY guitar.

(ok.. yeah.. my brother's gonna play it more often and WAY better than i am. but the victory was mine)

p.s. Douglas was right when he said it to me two years ago. The feeling of buying the first guitar with the money you’ve earned is just magical.

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