Wednesday, August 15, 2007


World against man
Man against world
Hate and hostility being hurled
at his face
to show him his place
He wonders
He wanders
He seeks
He reeks
of sweetness and smiles,
of failed humour and a damp style
He wonders on, he wanders on
The smile's still there, the humour long gone

Friday, August 10, 2007

Give it a Thought

Think of a river
Its clear waters seeking the depth of the sea
Think of a single drop of its water
Once one of many in the rain

Think of a quiver
Of arrows as sharp as arrows can be
Think of the wounds the arrows inflict
The hurt, the sorrow and excruciating pain

Think of a shiver
Of fright that makes u flee
Thinking of none but the self
Abandoning all else for selfish gain

Think of a giver
Selfless, benevolent, in all his purity
Think of his aid to your foe
And how promptly you label him profane

Think of a believer
Content in self-belief; trusting friends with glee
Think of how you falsely question his trust
Make him relive hell again and again

Saturday, August 04, 2007

The Simpsons Movie - I'm almost there

Note: This is not a movie review. There was no way I was going to walk out of the movie disliking the movie. So given the unabashed impartiality, I will not label this blogpost a movie review and call it an ardent fan’s veneration instead. Another reason why I cannot review the movie is because I need to watch every second of its duration. Thanks to Mumbai’s notorious traffic and infamous rains (the latter uncannily seem to arrive only over the weekends… me no like), I missed the first fifteen minutes of the movie. Tragic, shocking, appalling… yes; I was in half a mind not to get into the movie that late as I was already distraught over having missed the start and a lot more. But better sense prevailed and I ended up making the most of what I was left with, which was some 60 minutes that I hoped would never end.

To be honest, I had always been a little hesitant, wondering whether the movie would do enough justice to the epic TV series. The hesitation did not stem from the anticipation of how I, as a fan, would receive the movie (there were no two ways about that); it was rooted more in how the movie would appeal to me as a generic movie-goer. Which brings me to the only statement that I will make in this post as an impartial viewer (believe me or not) – The Simpsons Movie will not disappoint. If at all, one walks out of the movie disliking it, s/he will do so as one who has never been a fan and hence never had any expectations in the first place. You may enjoy the movie, you may (you just may) dislike it, but there is no way you can be disappointed.

The good news is that if you have been watching the model dysfunctional American family put out their antics on tv all these years, the odds that you will walk out of their first foray on the silver screen satisfied are extremely high. Of course, three of my favourite non-Simpsons-family characters have appearances of near-zero significance or worse. Hans Moleman and the Comic Book Guy have blink-and-you-miss-‘em appearances whereas Kelsey Grammer’s magic as Sideshow Bob is altogether edited out of the final cut (From what I gather, Grammer did record a scene for the movie. I’m praying it’ll land in the dvd cut at least). But, little things like these aside, the movie is a devotee’s delight. And the best part is, it does not try ‘something refreshing’. The movie sticks to the formulae that the tv series has been applying all these years – the witticisms, dry humour, political critique disguised as laughs, Homer’s D-oh-ness… the list goes long.

Bottomline: Simply put, I love the movie. And yeah, I need to watch the first 15 minutes… grrrrr…

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