Monday, May 14, 2007

When Men were Boys

Seven 23-year-old men came together to spend a day together. Each among the seven has known every other for periods ranging from seven to seventeen years. They have seen each other as boys growing into the men they are today. But for those 24 hours, the men shed their ageing and became boys again. They shouted as they would have in their teen years, caring nought for authority. They laughed like boys as if every joke were to be the last one they would laugh at before age mellowed their funny bone. They chattered endlessly, not because their speech was stifled otherwise, but because this was where they would be heard for every word they would utter, sensible or not. They hogged down platefuls of food like the hungry young boys they had once been and complained of ever-expanding waistlines like the ageing men they are. They lived the 24 hrs in royal luxury, with no care for the hours to follow or the hours gone by.
The men came together from their own worlds of turmoil and chaos. 24 hrs later, they dispersed; each back to his own world. But for those 24 hours, the men lived in a common world. As boys.


Jay said...

dude it made me nostalgic....good one ya!!!

The Neverknown said...

jammy, if u ever reach this page: thanks for that weekend on the ship

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