Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Letting Go

Where, I ask, is the trust
It is all, he opines, just ashes and dust
Where, I ask, is the faith
Look over your shoulder, he sayeth
Where, I ask, is the hope
In darkness, he warns, you must fruitlessly grope
When, I ask, will you learn
Not, he replies, ere you crash and burn
How, I ask, do you justify your lies so lame
We're all, he snaps back, playing the same game

Nought more have I to ask
For I still stand by my truth
In his ill-gotten pity he can bask
With his dreams of fighting nail and tooth
As before, I wish him godspeed
As he walks down his own line
Hoping, one day he'll be freed
To find his peace and with it, mine


yash said...

Can you please write this ENGLISH this time plz...

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