Monday, March 26, 2007


Abode of darkness. Arms its visitors with the license to unleash their desires in the name of fun. I'm making it sound like a dark vicious pit. But discos needn't be all that bad.
Now, I'm not a major party-goer who is found at the hottest nightspots on most evenings. I'm not even, I admit, a BIG fan of the disco. I do, though, enjoy spending time there with friends who are more interested in such places. And being quite the nocturnal being, I really don't mind wherever I am taken to as long as there's company, no bright lights and preferably some alcohol to go around.
So Sunday night marked my return to the disco scene thanks to this friend getting back from his phoren trip. There were some 10 of us together making this unplanned trip to this popular disc in Pune called Lush, which was as packed as on most weekends. We've been there before so I don't know if it was actually true that there seemed to be a lot more chicks around that evening or whether it was just that I was getting back onto the scene after a long, LONG time. Whatever it was, the constant contact kept unsettling me for some reason; a reason I'm yet to find out. But then, there were guys who seemed to want a few more sq.ft. of the dance floor for their flailing arms and drunk asses. So for the rest of the evening, I chose to tolerate contact with strange chicks instead (as perverse as that sounds).
There are these typical people you come across at discos. There'll be these young couples who'll be dancing away by themselves with hands around each other at all moments in time, at some instances exploring their partner's clothed (scantily, in the lady's case) anatomy in ways that would definitely draw wide-eyed glances if done in lighting brighter than which the discos provide. There'll be these drunk groups of stags, mostly just out of their teen years, who come there after watching movies like American Pie thinking that this will be their night when they fulfill the 'pledge' that they made to each other right after the movie. Can't miss out on the large groups of people with giggly girls and hair-gelled hunks who dance in concentric circles with the chicks marking the inner ring and the guys building the outer, protecting their lady-friends from the wrath of the aforementioned Drunk Stag types. These three types form the crux of most dance floors. Off and on, you'll also come across the Girl Gangs who'll split their time at the disc between dancing away in little tightly closed groups, trying to make their way to the bar counter for their next drink and trying to fend off vile glances (and at times, seedy pick-up lines) from the Drunk Stag types (Man, are they at large or what!).
That's pretty much all I can think of on a Tuesday morning. Other details later maybe as and when my memory and observational skills decide to collaborate again.

p.s. Sunday night was FUN. And pleasant for reasons other than the easily visible ones.


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