Friday, February 09, 2007

Proof of life

Every moment and the moment after that, I am required to prove myself to someone or the other. Is it just me or does this apply to others too?
Proof of intent
Proof of friendship
Proof of commitment
Proof of devotion... (the list goes on)
It's an ever-continuing challenge that is enjoyable to a limit. Then it begins to get overbearing. After much observation and some experience, I've arrived at the conclusion that what proves one's mettle is how far upwards one can push that limit. The more I enjoy being under pressure, the higher the odds of ending on top seem to to get. From an evil perspective, sometimes, the more I enjoy, greater is the angst on the vile challenger's face.
Hence proved.


Anonymous said...

Proof of Intent ??
Proof of friendship??
Proof of commitment ??
Proof of devotion ??
do these things exists.

It wud be easy giving proofs for the lack of all these.

The Neverknown said...

maybe it would be easier. but if proving the existence was that easy, the world would be one heck of an easier place to live in. thats why i say that it is an ever-continuing challenge because it often involves proving this existence to non-believers (which you, Mr. Anonymous, also seem to be)

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