Monday, January 08, 2007

Time and Tide wait for none

2007 has pounced upon us all. Early in the morning of the 9th day of the year, I awake with the ubiquitous thought of how change is the only constant (And no, this isn't last night's whiskies from Abhijeet's birthday talking). Relationships change, feelings change, as does attitude, and so do circumstances among all other things. And with all of those, YOU change. The pleasant changes keep the smiles on YOUr face, the not-so-pleasant ones harden YOU. YOU change... YOU mature... YOU grow. But at the crux of things, YOU still assume YOUrself as the constant. The constant in a continuously metamorphosising world. It's a paradox but it's not something YOU can deny. YOU ask YOUr best friends to never change, because YOU believe the good parts of life should stay with YOU as they are. YOU wish for the good times to never end for the same reason. YOU desist tough changes like say, moving alone to a new place or parting with old friends because adaption involves displacement from YOUr comfort zone, the basic, most irritating part of change. At all times, and like most things in nature, YOU continually seek YOUr equilibrium. That one sweet spot from where ideally YOU would never want to move. But perhaps the equilibrium YOU seek is perhaps not static at all. Perhaps the equilibrium YOU seek is in motion. How well YOU tune YOUrself to that motion is perhaps the key to this lock. Maybe it's about how effectively YOU accelerate and decelerate to keep pace with this motion. Maybe it's about setting the pace YOUrself.


Abhijeet said...

this can be the monologue delivered by the architect in the climax of matrix resurrected :)

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