Saturday, January 20, 2007

Boo-hoo time

XAT was a disaster. And I hate using that term, so when I do use it, it's as a measure of intensity. It's like readying yourself for an airstrike and then stepping on a landmine in the process. You don't know what's struck you, it all ends in a moment and after it's done, there's just a WHOLE lot of pieces to collect.

She stands at the head of the bed in the room that I haven't visited in eons. She watches another man sleep every night next to her. She wants to be touched but no one bothers to so much as undo the garb that covers her... not even I. I need to change that soon. Soon, we will be one as before. In my arms, she will create and recreate sweet music. Yes, my rusty hands may not be as effective as before but we will recreate the old magic again. For, as sleazy I've made that sound, she's still among my first loves - my first guitar.

Guys put their bodies through hell only to build a V-shaped body. To my credit, I've eaten my way up to an O. Just 7 more alphabets to go, I surmise?


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