Monday, December 25, 2006


Happy birthday Jesus
You're 2006 years old today, they opine
They call it Christmas
The season when all's happy and fine
But I still see bitterness around
And sadness still spread
Despair and violence still abound
And many with neither water nor bread
'Friends' at each other's throats
Others at work behind backs
Talking and biting, the wily turncoats
Some at work with knives and hacks
Why the hate, why the spite?
Why does all the faith and trust go for a toss?
One by one, they all fall on a lonely night
Looking for names to blame for their loss
I know you have the answers to all
It's we who don't know where to look
You reply through what we know as the Soul
While we stonedly scour every religious book
Religion is not my cup of tea
Nor is theology into what i delve
But alas, peace within us is what we can never see
Heck, I'll just lie back and listen to 2112


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