Saturday, December 02, 2006

The Trial

What's the verdict? Guiltier than thou? Spared and exiled to exoneration-nation? I love you prosecutors (at least some of you for sure) but frankly, I grew oblivious of the trial eons ago. I really thank you prosecutors (not just some... but all). You've shown me how innocence is not a plain colour like black or white - somewhere in my indifference I found that innocence is a coat of grey with some green and some more red thrown in. I have nothing against the plaintiff. I bear no ill towards the judge. I don't even oppose the plaintiff himself doubling up as the judge here. He was wronged and this certainly is no court of law. He seeks justice but since that is another grey area itself, I will just hope he finds his peace. And who am I to oppose the double-play? I am part-defence-attorney myself. Alas, my co-defendant, who is actually the prime accused here, may not be in sure hands. That's perhaps wherein the error lies. You've labeled the wrong defendant the prime accused. Set the defendant free, please. Pass me the noose, if you please.
The defence rests its case (if any)


mairaj zindran said...

Now that was good. Raised my curiosity levels a lot though.

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