Saturday, November 18, 2006

24 hrs to Time-Zero

I'm not numb today. That might be helpful although it's not the feeling I'm used to just before an exam. With 24 hrs to go, things might change and I might go the usual deadskin way in due course. But I like this non-numbness. It's new and it's exhilarating. Not that I'm in the best of shapes to appear and crack the test. But it definitely looks like a new challenge. The non-numbness might just (let me stick out and say 'will certainly' instead) accentuate the sensation in the aftermath. I'm definitely ready for it. The whiplash or the smooth caress (and I hope it'll be the latter), whatever's in store, I'm ready for it. Ready to feel it. I'm not numb today. Dumb perhaps.


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