Sunday, October 08, 2006

Tragedy on Lap 37

The cameras catch glimpses of thick smoke cloud
My heart-rate rises with the clearing white shroud

To my dismay, it makes way for the colour red
To my horror, it's the car, which from the start, has led

To them, the king, now, is no more than a wraith
But I still believe in miracles, I still have the faith


Anonymous said...

have faith for Kimi shall show his loyalty
even if he goes out with a 10 sec pit penalty
i see alonso trapped btwn massa n kimi
n schumi will go out with all the glory

The Neverknown said...

nope. i just see Schumi kicking ass all by himself all the way to the chequered flag at the interlagos. briatore will show the proverbial middle finger to Alonso for his accusations against Renault by giving him an engine which will be rigged to go bust during the race.

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