Sunday, April 09, 2006

Saturday night dive

16 of us, a house minus the parents, 2 guitars, a sound system, an ipod and a continuous flow of alcohol. That sums up to what can be termed as one good Saturday night.

The jamming was sublime to say the least. It’s been awhile since I jammed with another guitar in the house. Fortunately, the second guitar was loud enough and the listeners were adequately sloshed to obscure my flawed chord changes and messed up attempts at simple solos. Good to have my hands feeling up the fretboard after what seems like an eternity to me.

Thanks to this chick for spending so much time trying to teach me to sing seconds. When I first picked up the guitar that evening, she actually wanted me to sing as I played!! I have to comment, she is one hellova singer herself. (This might sound like it, but it isn’t really one of those you-pat-my-back-I-pat-yours sessions. She really is that good). Another note of gratitude to our hostess who did a remarkable job of tolerating our drunk antics.

The drive back home at 0530 hrs Sunday morning was surreal. That reminds me – I just cannot wait to cruise the Mumbai-Pune expressway tomorrow morning. Another dream comes true – getting to cruise the length of the expressway by myself and that too in the Ford!! Droooooool… (I hope I make it to work in one-piece though )


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