Monday, April 10, 2006

Monday morning = mundane morning?

Feeling the wind in my face while zooming the roads at 100 kmh. That’s how I start most Monday mornings – on my way back to Pune… back to work. Today was different. For one, I was in the driver’s seat instead of the mundane passenger’s. And to add, I was doing 150 kmh. instead of the usual 100. hehe.

OK so this morning I had another of my dreams fulfilled. That would be cruising the expressway at 150 kmh with my hands on the steering wheel. I’m not much of a speed freak for that matter, but I can very well understand the rush now. It’s a surreal, almost orgasmic feeling at 150 kmh with the wind beating your face through the open window.

OK, so not all Monday mornings are blue I guess :)


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